#62 Power Play: Exploring Submission and Domination (with Julieta Chiara)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I have the pleasure of chatting with Julieta Chiara. Julieta is sex blogger, entrepreneur, and sex toy fanatic. A digital sex nomad, she travels the world full time with her luggage full of sex toys, connecting with folks through her adventures and advocacy for female pleasure, exploring kink, sexual health, and reclaiming your power in pleasure, life, and business. She started her blog in 2017 as a compliment to her studies in human sexuality, and never looked back at a normal life. Working closely with adult brands and having multiple appearances as a writer, podcast guest, and interviewee, her passion has been connecting with her community. Julieta’s work extends far beyond her blog, which is her passion project. She is the CEO & founder of Chiara Collective, her digital media agency for adult brands. Helping position folks in the adult space for success, Julieta says it’s been an honor bringing sex toys to the mainstream. We talk about the sexuality industry and the available career paths. We also discuss what the Tantra community could learn from the BDSM community. We also share ways in which men can explore their sexually submissive and dominant sides.

Key points:
Julieta shares some of her journey
Sexuality related career pathways
Discovering your authentic sexual self
Sex industry expectations and assumptions
Introducing kink and BDSM
Male submission and surrender
Male dominance and assertiveness
Creating safety to sexually explore
with power play
Tantra and Shibari

Relevant links
Julieta’s Website: www.julietachiara.com
Julieta’s Instagram: @julietachiara


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