#59 Male Sex Work and OnlyFans (with Dex Parker)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Dex Parker. Dex is a pansexual, male erotic adult performer and companion. But outside of these labels, he is a human. Just like you and I. Dex describes himself as gentle, receptive, and strong. His missions are erotic creation, connection, and service. Dex is trained in respiratory therapy which compliments his many years spent teaching yoga and movement to create a holistic somatic experience of pleasure, insight, and joy. His work as a creator and companion is founded in a pursuit to experience and give breathe to a more holistic approach to sex work, performing, and services. He believes wholeheartedly that sexuality and spirituality need not be perceived as mutually exclusive. On the contrary, they compliment each other beautifully; and Dex is here to show you how. In his content you will find opportunities to be both aroused and informed: hopefully both. In his virtual and in-person services you will be introduced to a space of safety, empowerment, discovery, and passion.

Key Points:
​- Dex shares about his journey
– What is sex work?
– Experiences of a male sex worker
– Erotic content creation
– Alternative expressions of male sexuality
– Discussing pornography
– Advice for exploring your sexuality

Relevant links:
Dex’s website: https://www.mrdexparker.com/


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