#53 Neurodivergent Sexuality (with Ginger Jen)

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Today on The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Ginger Jen. Ginger (she/they) is the empowering authentic sexuality dating coach for busy/neuro diverse brains. She works with Tantric philosophies and somatic healing to reach the deep subconscious and unconscious. Their mission here is to empower each individual human being to be authentically true to themselves by bringing them from a busy mind to a sensational body. She wants to share the best, most healing tactics through discussions, conversations and realizations. Ginger is ADHD and an advocate for mental disabilities as well as mental health. She is also strictly anti-oppression of any beings so warns to beware of the triggering truth bombs. We talk about their ADHD diagnosis and how it intersects with her sexuality as well as her work in the sexuality space. Ginger also shares some really practical advice for neurodivergent individuals and people who have a neurodivergent partner.

Key points:
– Ginger shares some of her story
– Ginger explains what ADHD is
– Strategies for getting into your body
– How do people with ADHD express their sexuality?
– ADHD and sexual rejection
– Communicating with a partner who has ADHD
– ADHD and high risk sexual behaviour
– Ginger shares about her diagnosis with ADHD
– The intersection of escorting and ADHD
– Working with men in the sexuality space
– The women who sell sex and men who buy it
– Online coaching and final thoughts

Relevant links
Ginger’s website: www.ecstaticallyginger.com
Ginger’s Instagram: @ecstatically.ginger

Ginger’s Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/ecstaticallyginger


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