#35 Taking Responsibility for Your Own Pleasure (with Parish Blair)

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On episode 35 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Sex Goddess and Master Manifestor, Parish Blair. Parish has studied psychoneuroimmunology and practices a variety of healing modalities for over 25 years, with dramatic results of synergy between the mind, body and spirit. As well as offering unique one-on-one sessions, such as Sensual Synergy and Orgasmic Gratitude Meditation, Parish also delivers international presentations, such as ‘Look At What My Pussy Can Do’ and ‘How To Give A BJ With A Heart Full Of Gratitude’. She is also the executive producer of Sexy Spirit TV and the creator of the Parish Blair Love Affair Tour Documentary, which features open lifestyle, swingers and polyamorous couples from 20+ cities in 20+ international destinations with the intention to release judgement and preconceived ideas about our human family.

Key Points:
– Parish shares about her near death experience
– Intuitively following guidance to do this work
– Men think more about their partner’s pleasure
– Who is responsible for your pleasure?
– Unhealthily using sex as a reward
– Expressing feminine energy online
– “Be as juicy as you want her to be”
– Men’s scarcity mindset about sex
– Steps for Orgasmic Gratitude Meditation.

Relevant links:
Parish’s Instagram: @SexySpiritTV @ManifestingLifestyle @GoodSexSelfiesAndSuccess
Parish’s Website: ParishBlair.com


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