#149 Primal & Divine: The Spectrum of Masculinity with Traver Boehm

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Traver Boehm. Traver is the author of the books “Today I Rise” and “Man UNcivilized”. He’s a two-time TEDx speaker, men’s coach, and the founder of the UNcivilized Men’s Movement. He’s helped men all over the world to become UNcivilized as they wake up to the power of their hearts, the brilliance of their bodies, and the wisdom of their souls so they can blaze their own path by uniquely blending both the primal and the divine within them. He is dedicated to doing his part to help end the suffering in men, and the suffering caused by men, by guiding them through their own journey into an actualized version of masculinity. The two of us talk about Traver’s approach to men’s work and his ideas about masculinity, which he breaks down into two categories; primal and divine. We speak about the mainstream narratives surrounding what it means to be a man and how we can explore these narratives to see if they serve us.

Key Points:
Traver introduces himself
Identifying toxic masculinity
Leadership in the locker room
Narratives about what it means to be a man
The importance of men’s work
Redefining masculinity
Anger vs aggression
Practical advice for men

Relevant links:
Traver’s website: www.manuncivilized.com
Traver’s Instagram: @traverboehm


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