#145 Men’s Issues in Progressive Spaces with Charles Dubois

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Charles Dubois. Charles’ journey of sexual healing started two years ago when he met a woman. Up until that point, he did not know what masculinity meant. He always found it easier to connect with his feminine side, and was afraid to embody anything remotely like the constant portrayal of “Toxic Masculinity” that permeates our media. Charles knew what he did not want to be, but had no idea who he did want to be. Then he met a woman so consciously connected to and embodying her femininity that it awoke something inside of him – and broke something inside of him as well. She had introduced him to himself, as the feminine oracle does so well, but she was not meant to save him from it. Charles spent the next two years on a journey of healing and discovery, seeking out masculine teachers and leaders, and exploring what deep sexual intimacy really means. The two of us talk about his experience with my Sacred Sexuality Coaching certification as well as his approach to working with men who feel shame about their sexuality. We also discuss the socialization of boys and men as well as how to engage with men from the ‘manosphere’.

Key Points:
Charles introduces himself
From 12 Step to Sacred Sex
Cock shaming
Ego in the bedroom
Doing the work to heal men
The socialization of boys and men
Are there irredeemable men?
The toxicity of online discourse

Relevant links:
Charles’ Instagram: @​​charlesdubois801
Charles’ website: https://www.charlesdubois.net/


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