#142 Queer Spirit: Celebrating Fluidity (with Dabaco Sunset)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Dabaco Sunset (he/him). Dabaco is an embodiment counsellor helping you connect deeper with your body, sexuality and sensuality.
He combines somatic psychology, pillars of awareness and yogic principles in his practice. Dabaco also draws on meditation techniques, intuitive movement and creative mediums to empower participants to explore untapped areas of themselves. Dabaco is the co-founder of personal development project (and app) Time To Decompress, he holds a Diploma of Counselling and is currently undertaking post-grad studies in Gestalt Therapy. He also facilitates workshops and retreats for NAKEDMAN and is a trained Yin Yoga teacher. Alchemizing the world of creativity and somatic therapy, Dabaco is facilitating himself and countless queer and curious folk into a new paradigm of embodied artistic liberation. The two us talk about queerness and the sexual spectrum, particular how men who are sexually fluid experience challenges like performance anxiety. We also discuss sexual identity, the queering of heterosexuality, the necessity of labels, and the importance of celebrating the sexual pioneers and provocateurs who came before us.

Key Points:
Dabaco introduces himself
The flattening of queerness
Fluidity and difficulties
The universality of performance anxiety
Queering heterosexuality
Should we use labels?
Celebrating queer elders

Relevant Links:
Dabaco’s Instagram: @dabacosunset
Dabaco’s Website: http://dabacosunset.com/
Cam’s Patreon: http://patreon.com/thecamfraser


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