#112 Sex Skills and Dirty Talk (with Stephanie Ganowski)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Steph Ganowski, a sex and relationship coach for men, living in NYC. Her mission is to help men improve their relationships with themselves and with their partners through tangible skillsets, mental reprogramming, and emotional awareness. Growing up, Steph was severely introverted and shy. Due to her low self-esteem, she allowed people into her life who “matched” the way she treated herself. This included the men she attracted romantically. Eventually, the prolonged mistreatment from men (and herself) was jolted by 5 incredibly caring, supportive, hilarious guys, she randomly befriended on Instagram, during a hard time. This was a huge wakeup call for Steph. It made her realize that not all men were “assholes” like she had thought. Her curiosity led her to want to understand her relationship with men more closely and understand men in general. Step one for Steph, was to start working with men, 1:1, gain their trust, reach their vulnerable side and find a way to help them. Through understanding men and helping them heal and see progress in their lives, Steph would also learn how to heal and bring people together. Her goal is to eventually get to the place where she can also help women who feel the same way about men, as she once did.
Key points:
Steph introduces herself
Sexuality begins with you
Understanding your arousal
Translating masturbation to sex
Non-linear sex
Penis size and sexual skills
Porn, stereotypes and anxiety
Fear of feeling pleasure
Dirty talk and sexy communication

Relevant links:
Stephanie’s Instagram: @stephganowski
Stephanie’s website: https://www.stephanieganowski.com/


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