#10 Confessions a of Male Stripper (with Josh Hardy)

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On Episode 10 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chatted with depressed Heavy Diesel Mechanic and Male Stripper turned Agency Owner, Gym owner and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Josh Hardy. Josh lived a life making decisions ruled by fear of not being enough, and self pity from not meeting high standards. He quit his job to pursue his passion in health & fitness, hand built his gym from scratch and is still on a huge journey of personal growth to become a better human, role model and leader. Josh and I recently connected again at a men’s group after 15 years of lost contact. As kids, we used to play soccer together and now Josh offers me a fascinating peek behind the curtain into the stripping industry, from the hen’s nights and dance shows to the pressure to perform to the insecurities.

Key Points: 
– Josh’s beginnings in Stripping
– Reconciling Stripping with a day job 
– Being open, honest and sure of yourself 
– Fitting in in male dominated spaces
​- Fantasy and the popularity of Strippers 
– The emphasising of physical appearance 
– Insecurities in the industry 
– Performance anxiety 

Relevant Links: 
Josh’s Instagram – @thejoshuahardy 
Josh’s Instagram – @smacademyaus 
Josh’s Website – www.smacademy.com.au


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