#50 Fuck and Kill to Consciousness (with Emily Claire)

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On this week’s episode of The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Emily Claire. Emily is an erotic embodiment dance teacher and sacred sexuality and embodiment teacher, dedicated to inspiring people on their journeys toward integrating with themselves, their bodies and to the deepest part of themselves, their sexuality. She transitioned careers from a Lawyer to this work after being deeply inspired by the profound impact embodiment and sacred sexuality work had on her own life. Emily has mentored with the leading international and national experts in her field. She holds a wealth of knowledge in sexuality, sacred sexuality and neo Tantra, embodiment and dance as healing and is trauma informed. Emily has created Erotic Temple Dance, A 4 Week erotic embodiment journey into feminine sexuality archetypes which tours across South East Queensland, Australia, she facilitates group work in spiritual sexuality practice for men and women and she privately coaches people. The two of us talked about her offering for men, which she has called “Fuck and Kill to Consciousness.” We discussed our opinions about masculinity and femininity as well as what we think is needed in the world of men’s work.

Key Points:
– Emily shares about her journey from Law to Tantra
– Mentoring with John Wineland
– Healing your relationship with men
– A woman’s experience working with men
– Mix-gendered spaces: Learning from other genders
– “Fuck and Kill to Consciousness”
– What are men’s natural desires?
– Integrating the animal part of ourselves
– Masculine and Feminine Energy
– Fight, Flight, Freeze, Feed and Fuck
– Practical advice for men wanting to begin this work

Relevant links:
Emily’s Instagram: @an_erotic_heart
Emily’s Website: www.deepenembodiment.com


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