#30 Sacred Masculinity for Modern Men (with Brenden Durell)

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On episode 30 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Brenden Durell. Brenden is a former professional athlete turned life aficionado. He nudges people with laughter and inspiration so they can understand nirvana and live in every moment. Brenden also plays the game of life by being a Cacao & Breathwork Ceremonialist. He’s also a dedicated White Tantra student. His motto is “peace is the ultimate pleasure.” Brenden resides comfortably in his home, wishing he had a dog. The two of us spoke about the difference between masculine Men’s Work and feminine Men’s Work as well as how masculinity is linked to sexuality and what we can do as men to express but also regulate our emotions.

Key Points:
– Brenden shares a bit of his story
– What is Men’s Work?
– The difference between Men’s Work and Women’s Work
– “Masculine” Men’s Work and “Feminine” Men’s Work
– The intersection of masculinity and sexuality
– Sexuality as intimacy and vulnerability
– Oversharing and emotional instability
– Burdening your partner in a relationship
– Emotional expression and regulation
– Practical relationship advice

Relevant links:
Brenden’s Instagram: @innerlightwarrior
Brenden’s Website: www.brendendurell.com


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