#128 Pleasure and Complacency Dancing After the Battle with (Jacob O’Neill)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Jacob O’Neill. Jacob describes himself as a holder of visions, leader of heart-centered men, and absolutely hellbent on reactivating the grounded loving masculine within each man. He was a serial yes man & addicted to people-pleasing, on a mission to fit perfectly into the box society had so generously offered him. He contorted his SELF into the “model citizen” & settled in for a comfortable & safe life. But the universe had other plans, Jacob answered the call of his soul & followed what felt GOOD. Does his life look like he thought it would? NO, but it feels better than he ever could have imagined, because he is living his TRUTH. So now Jacob is committed to holding sacred space for men on the journey home to their TRUTH. The two of us talk about his personal experience of transformation and the catalysts which brought that about. We also speak about the practices he implements for becoming more aware of sensations in the body as well as the elements of pleasure, comfort and complacency.

Key Points:
Jacob introduces himself
Routine: Double edged sword
Catalysts for transformation
The practice of stillness
Find your own beat
“If you can’t dance after the battle, then what are you fighting for?”
Comfort vs complacency

Relevant links:
Jacob’s Instagram: @thejacoboneill
Jacob’s website: https://www.jacobatoneill.com/


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