​20 Simple Things You Can Do To Last Longer

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1) Spend longer times in heightened states of arousal when masturbating.

2) Breathe into your diaphragm.

3) When you’re close to cumming, change to a new sex position.

4) Create more safety and comfort with your partner.

5) Use toys!

6) Practice Kegel and reverse Kegel exercises. Do these during sex.

7) Don’t rush to penetration. Do other sexual activities together beforehand.

8) Learn about other areas of your body where you experience pleasure. Incorporate these into sex.

9) Thrust slow and shallow.

10) Tell your partner that you’re close to cumming and need to slow down.

11) Experiment with a numbing spray.

12) Imagine drawing your built up sexual tension away from your cock and toward your heart.

13) Relax your muscles instead of squeezing and trying to hold back your ejaculation.

14) During penetration, invite your partner to grind against you rather than stroke up and down on your cock.

15) Literally take a break from stimulating your cock during sex. Pull out and do some oral/fingering for a while instead.

16) Relax your tongue… seriously.

17) Try squeezing the head of your cock when you feel close to cumming.

18) Learn about other areas of your partner’s body where they experience pleasure. Incorporate these into sex.

19) Don’t tense your glutes and pump in/out. Instead, relax your lower back and rock your hips forwards/backwards.

20) If you do ejaculate, keep the pleasure going for another 15-20min until you get an erection again and go for round two.

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