#87 Surrogate Partner Therapy (with Court Vox)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Court Vox. Court provides personal guidance and expertise in the unique and often ignored areas of sex. He is a trained Sex and Intimacy Consultant, Surrogate Partner Intern and Sacred Intimate. His approach is personal and necessary. Founder of his practice The Body Vox, he brings professional opportunities for his clients to learn about and embrace their bodies and those of others. Sex, the thing the world is now acknowledging as so important for our general wellness, mental health and indeed our lives is on the agenda. While much progress has been made it is still too often a taboo subject. Court serves as the counselor of our times breaking down the walls of shame and anxiety around intimacy and sex. Traditional forms of therapy are done through talk, the work of a somatic sex educator is to further this form of work via touch and body-based exercises in comfortable, judgment-free, and safe environments. Body acceptance, exploration of sensation and desires (and learning how to ask for what you want), boundary-setting and intimacy work are some of the many reasons clients seek this form of therapy. Court is a sex educator experienced working with clients of all sexualities and genders. He continues to collaborate with fellow sex educator Pamela Madsen for workshops around the country. The two of us talk about his work as a surrogate partner as well as what it means to be multi-orgasmic.

Key points:
– Court shares some of his story
– Transitioning from corporate to sexuality work
– The different modalities Court draws on
– Self-pleasure rituals
– What is surrogate partner therapy?
– Surrogate partner therapy vs sex work
– Client-centered approach
– Sexual orientation and surrogate partner therapy
– The many types of male orgasm
– 31+ erogenous zones

Relevant links:
Court’s Instagram: @courtvox
Court’s Website: thebodyvox.com
Cam’s Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thecamfraser


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