#64 Showing Up Authentically: Herpes, Cheating and Attention Seeking (with Bek Antonucci)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Bek Antonucci. Bek is an Emotional Wellbeing and Personal Freedom Coach. She supports women to break through ineffective self worth and body image stories, activate their unique voice and live their most radically fulfilled and expressed lives. Through a range of different holistic and intuitive modalities including trauma therapy, somatic response tactics, inner child connection, wounded ego healing and more, Bek supports women to learn to love their vulnerabilities. To take radical self ownership of the thing that they once thought made them unworthy in societies eyes and transform their lives from the inside out. Together we go on a journey of deep inner transformation and come to a place of true self acceptance. Bek is a free thinker, embodied female thought leader, stigma fighter, public speaker, workshop mentor, founder of the online group programs “Being Brilliant” & “True Transformation,” and Perth based Naked Awakening facilitator. We talk about her own personal journey with cheating, herpes, sexual healing and self-love as well as how to navigate the world – both online and IRL – as a confident and sexually empowered woman.

Key points:
– Bek shares about her personal story
– Living with herpes
– The stigma of STIs
– Talking about sex online
– Intention vs impact
– Sister wounds and brother wounds
– “What do men need to know?”
– Attention seeking
– Advice for being a sexually embodied person on the internet

Relevant Links:
Bek’s Isntagram – @bekantonucci
Bek’s Facebook – @bek.antonucci


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