#36 Hypnosis for Sexual Dysfunction (with Alexandra Holovitz)

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On episode 36 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Alexandra Holovitz. Alexandra is a tantric sex coach & hypnotherapist. She is known for her honest, passionate and authentic coaching style. She works with career-minded men helping them to heal, express and empower thought tantra and self-compassion. She believes awakening sexual energy can support you to have deeper connection, understanding and self-acceptance to liberate and come back to your home (your body), REMEMBER your truth as a divine man! Her mission is to heal the world, one orgasm at a time. We spoke about her use of hypnosis for managing sexual dysfunction with her clients, such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We also discussed the practicalities of establishing professional practitioner-client boundaries.

Key Points:
– Alexandra shares some of her story
– Owning the role of Sex Coach for men
– Introducing hypnosis as a healing modality
– The mind and body (dis)connection
– Using hypnosis for sexual dysfunction
– Rewriting stories and identity conflict
– The stages of hypnosis
– Body awareness and trance state
– Surrender and letting go of control
– How ready are you to make changes?

Relevant Links:
Alexandra’s website: www.alexandra.guru
Alexandra’s Instagram: @alexandra_guru


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