#33 Performing Masculinity: What Does A Man Look Like? (with Nic Warner)

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On episode 33 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I talk with Nic Warner. Nic is a men’s work, plant medicine and breathwork facilitator, and a sacred intimacy mentor. Using the tools that helped him rise out of the ashes, Nic coaches both individuals and couples. Supporting them on their healing journey, to integrate and deepen their relationship with themselves, and each other. Nic and I talk about his experience giving away his power, spiraling into substance abuse, and overcoming his troubles, ultimately transforming his life. We also discuss what it means to look like a man and the fear that many men have about not looking masculine enough.

Key Points:
– Nic’s journey from substance abuse to personal power
– What does it mean to give your power away?
– Polarity in relationships and learning about masculinity
– Men’s work: Helping other men transform
– Triggers, reflections and limits
– Fear of rejection by women and men
– Acting like a man and compromising integrity
– Harry Styles: Looking masculine
– Outward expressions of masculinity

Relevant Links:
Nic’s Instagram: @nicwarner
Nic’s website: www.nicwarner.com


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