#82 Demystifying the Adult Industry (with Lana Jade)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Lana Jade. Lana is an intimacy coach as well as an adult industry coach/mentor. She has been in the industry for 7 years, and during that time she has had an incredibly successful career. Lana began in the industry as many do, desperate and in need of money to turn her dreams into a reality, and to feed her family. She had always been interested in and fascinated by the adult industry and in a sense she is grateful that desperation led to her exploring it. Lana comes from a sales and marketing background and is determined, strong willed and resourceful, so it wasn’t long after working for agencies and others that she started working independently. By navigating the industry’s rapid changes, feeling overwhelmed at times, reworking strategies and systems continuously, and shifting her priorities, Lana developed a very structured and systematic way that works for her, earning her more than she has ever earned, while also having the balance she craved. She has made the industry work for her. And that’s exactly what she wants to do with others. The two of us talk about her experience in the adult industry as well as the stigmatization she has felt from the spirituality community and how she works with clients.

Key Points:
– Lana shares about her experience in the adult industry
– Integrating other modalities
– Emotional burnout and compassion fatigue
– Mentoring others in the industry
– Stigmatization from the Sacred Sexuality community
– “Real” women vs adult performers
– Only Fans, camming, and authenticity
– Male clients, pleasure, and communication
– Advice for potential clients

Relevant links:
Lana’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/lanajadexxx
Lana’s podcast: @are.you.available.podcast
Lana’s Instagram: @whatss.my.name.again


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