#81 Good Boy: Holding Space for Submissive Men (with Jazmin Wu)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure podcast, I chat with The Empress Jazmin Wu a professional, and lifestyle Dominatrix, best known for Her radical theories about BDSM, and teachings on empowerment. Jazmin’s journey into the world of FemDom began in 2012, and She has since been seen gracing the pages of magazines, hosting luxury fetish events, and uniting women in charge everywhere! She has a deep passion for rope bondage, female lead erotica, and sexual psychology. You can find her curating art-fetish photoshoots, teaching Women about the FemDom lifestyle, and hosting elite kink lifestyle parties all over the globe. She believes BDSM is a unique tool that can be harnessed to pursue better physical, emotional, and mental health. In Her practice as a Dominatrix, She challenges concepts of guilt and shame by fostering a safe environment fueled by radical acceptance. The two of us talk about the submissive mentality as well as what it takes to hold space for a man who is interested in submission.

Key Points:
– Jazmin shares about her journey with BDSM
– The spectrum of kink
– Holding space for submissives
– The submissive mentality
– Letting go of performance anxiety
– Reframing sexual validation
– Sexual symbols and rituals
– Boundaries, exploration, and safewords
– Sub-space and trance states

Relevant links:
Jazmin’s website: jazminwu.com
Jazmin’s Twitter: @thankyouempress
Jazmin’s Instagram: @thank.you.empress
Jazmin’s Dominatrix website: thankyouempress.com


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