#56 Build and Boost Your Sexual Confidence (with Lauren White)

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On The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Lauren White, a woman on a mission to help people feel sexually confident. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Lauren moved to San Diego in 2011 to pursue an M.A. in Communication. At the age of 23, she became an adjunct professor, teaching at colleges and correctional facilities in San Diego. During her time as a professor, she recognized a need for real conversations about sex and sexuality. Identifying as a sexually curious person, and having a feminist studies background, Lauren left her position in the college classroom to pursue teaching to a global classroom. She prides herself on being very relatable, funny, and passionate during conversations that may normally be categorized as awkward with both men and women. When she is not having or talking about sex, Lauren in an ardent explorer, having visited over 20 countries, and 42 U.S. States. She once sold all of her belongings and moved into a custom built van in the pursuit of uncharted adventure. She’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie, dances her heart out, and has a uniquely close relationship with her family. Lauren and I talk about what it means to be sexually confident and how you too can embody sexual confidence. I also ask her about what we can do to help boost our partner’s sexual confidence.

Key Points:
– Lauren shares the evolution of her message
– What does it mean to be sexually confident?
– The way we talk about masturbation and sex
– The problem with being “good in bed”
– Embodying your pleasure
– Learning to communicate
– Comfortability and sexual confidence
– Your body is a playground
– Advice for women
– Advice for men

Relevant links:
Lauren’s Instagram: @shewolflauren
The Sex Den’s Instagram: @thesexden


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