#52 My Opinion On Pornography – Part 1 (with Cam Fraser)

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This is a special episode of The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast​. Today’s episode celebrates a year of “Men, Sex & Pleasure.” It has been such an amazing year and I feel really grateful to have spoken with 51 incredible guests who have all taught me so much. To celebrate a year of the podcast, I decided to record my first solo episode. When I reflected on what I wanted to talk about, a lot of things came to mind. However, there was one topic which really stood out to me. I get asked on a daily basis about pornography. Without fail, everyday someone, somewhere asks me something about porn. I have a lot to say about porn and having to respond every single time with my myriad of thoughts is usually impossible. So I had the idea to record an episode about my opinion on pornography which I can share with people when they ask me for my thoughts. Like I said, I have a lot to say and this ended up becoming a two part instalment. This episode is part 1 and is released alongside part 2. If you’re interested in the nuances of the porn debate, hopefully you’ll find these two parts interesting. I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just have a conversation. Thank you for supporting the podcast for a whole year. I look forward to bringing more interesting conversations in the year to come.

Key Points:
Introduction to and intentions for the conversation
I understand the harm some porn has caused
Anti-Porn vs Pro-Porn vs Anti-Anti-Porn
What is porn? The problem with definitions
The problem with the “porn is a drug” analogy
Thought experiment: Where do you draw the line?
Operation Spanner and private sex groups
Mainstream vs Ethical (Feminist) porn
Messages, escalation, addiction, exploitation


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