#48 Men’s Sexuality, Stigma and Shame (with Tyran Mowbray)

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On this week’s episode of The Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Tyran Mowbray. Tyran is a men’s sex and health mentor. He specifically works with men around masculinity, relationships and sexuality. He merges consciousness, embodiment and spirituality into easily digestible practical exercises and rituals so that men can bring sacredness and Passion to every area of their lives. He supports men to bring the power of their penetrative force up to their heart and the divinity and love from the heart down to their Phallus, so that they can overcome their unhealthy immature versions of masculinity and step into the men they always knew they were. Tyran and I talk about the challenges of working with men in the realms of sexuality. We also discuss some of the pervasive ideas about men regarding their sexuality.

Key points:
​- Tyran shares some of his story
– What men talk about when they get together
– The flaws in taking back your power
– Men in the sexuality space
– “Fellahs, is it gay to talk about having sex with women?”
– Being a conscious man in a relationship
– Saying “No” and asserting boundaries
– Men can’t be raped

Relevant links:
Tyran’s Instagram: @tyran.mowbray
Tyran’s website: https://www.tyranmowbray.com/


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