#34 Go With The Flow: Libido And The Menstrual Cycle (with Kristin Murray Alexi)

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On episode 34 of the Men, Sex & Pleasure podcast, I chat with Kristin Murray Alexi. Kristin has a bachelor’s degree in international studies with a focus on women in history, culture and religion, and a post graduate diploma in sexology. She is a certified Yoni Massage practitioner and trainer, and certified Sex Coach and trainer. She also works in the realm of priestessing as well as initiating other womben into this work. Kristin is known for her gentle yet informative and inclusive approach to pleasure-centered sex education. She offers certified trainings, group and 1:1 coaching sessions, online courses, and a fun and educative podcast with Tanishka Tantrika called Love Blood Sex Death. Kristin has been passionate about womben’s wisdom teachings and female sexuality from a very young age. She held girls circles at 12 years old and created supportive materials for her teen female peers while going through puberty together. Her main passions are empowering womben in their sexuality through a better understanding of their bodies and female sexual arousal, as well as helping womben to communicate their individual needs to their partners. Kristin and I discuss how the different phases of the menstrual cycle can affect sex drive and how men can better understand their partner’s cycles so as to connect more intimately together.

Key Points:
– Kristin shares some of her story
– Working with women and their cyclical nature
– Tracking your or your partner’s cycle
– Education for men about menstruation
– The four phases of the menstrual cycle
– How do these phases affect sexuality?
– Managing PMS and communication
– Sex when she is on her period
– Recognizing your own cyclical nature

Relevant Links:
Instagram/Facebook: @yonilicious
Website www.yonilicious.com.au
Know Your cycles Program: https://www.yonilicious.com.au/know-your-cycles-self-guided

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