#132 Erectile Dysfunction and Masculinity with Daniel Di Pietro

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Daniel Di Pietro. Daniel is a Melbourne-based sexologist with a Masters in Sexology and provisional psychotherapist with several certifications in sex therapy; including how to treat mismatched sexual desire between couples and navigating issues of sexuality and sexual difficulties. Daniel has a keen interest in male sexual health, behaviour, pleasure and function and has presented his thesis on male sexual health for the Queensland Society of Australian Sexologists branch. Daniel enjoys working collaboratively with binary and non-binary people of all ages, cultural backgrounds, beliefs and sexual orientations. The two of us talk about the research Daniel conducted for his Masters in Sexology regarding erectile dysfunction and its impact on masculinity. We discuss how erectile dysfunction impacts men’s self-esteem and the strategies they use to compensate for it. We also look at the issues disseminating research related to men’s sexual health and functioning.

Key points:
Daniel introduces himself
Introducing Daniel’s research
The different types of erectile dysfunction
Hostility and masculinity
Problems recruiting study participants
Compensating for erectile dysfunction
Traditional sexual scripts
Managing erectile dysfunction

Relevant links:
Daniel’s website: www.dipietrosexology.com
Daniel’s instagram: @dipietrosexology


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