#119 Taking Sex Deeper with Emotional Awareness (with Jessica Harvey, Ph.D.)

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On this week’s episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Jessica Harvey. Jessica is a certified Sex, Love & Relationship Coach with Layla Martin’s VITA coaching. She is professionally-certified with the ICF at the PCC level, and is a student of Process-Oriented Psychology with David Bedrick. Her trauma-informed coaching is also inspired by her devotion to classical tantrik meditation and non-dual philosophy under Paul Muller-Ortega and Christopher Wallis. Jessica spent 10 years in a successful career as a Ph.D. chemist before leaving it all to go say ‘yes’ to what scared her. She spent 4 years in full-time study and practice of neo-tantric sexuality, shadow work, and kundalini in a tantric community in Asia. Now she likes to say that she studies a different kind of ‘chemistry,’ and people often call her the ‘tantric scientist.’ Since launching her Bliss Science coaching business, she has worked with hundreds of men – CEOs and leaders in tech, finance, and consulting – to rekindle passion in sexless marriages, recover confidence post-divorce, heal from performance anxiety, communicate in ways that women love, and develop a tantric mentality to life. Her offerings include: her proprietary Love, Sex, and Confidence course for Men, her new Sex Mastermind for Men, in-person VIP days, and custom-tailored 1:1 online coaching for all genders. The two of us talk about the ways in which men can open up more to their sexuality and take their sexual experiences to a deeper level. Hint: It requires getting in touch with your emotions.

Key Points:
Jessica introduces herself
Going a journey of sexual self-discovery
Men opening up about sex
How to talk to your partner about sex
Taking sex deeper with emotions
Creating sexual safety for women
Practical advice for men

Relevant links:
Jessica’s Instagram: @bliss.science
Jessica’s Website: https://www.bliss-science.com/


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