#117 Yoni Mapping (with Freya Graf)

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On this episode of #mensexpleasure, I chat with Freya Graf. Freya is a Yoni Mapping Therapist and Holistic Sex Coach & Educator. She has a background of study in Kahuna massage, yoni massage, facilitation, childcare, yoga teaching, tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality. Freya shares on her website that she was crippled by shame, guilt, and self-consciousness around her body, pleasure, and desire so she went on a journey to tackle this whole sex thing once and for all, which completely transformed her relationship to sex and her body. She says she is now deeply passionate about helping others do the same. The two of us talk specifically about her work as a Yoni Mapping therapist.

Key points:
Freya introduces herself
What is Yoni Mapping?
“Yoni” and cultural appropriation
The healing power of Yoni Mapping
Connecting with the genitals
Tips for people who have a vulva
Tips for people who like to play with vulvas

Relevant links:
Freya’s website: https://www.freyagraf.com/
Freya’s instagram: @freya_graf_ymt


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