#100 Learning How To Take Pleasure (with Dr. Betty Martin)

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On this episode of the #mensexpleasure podcast, I chat again with Dr. Betty Martin. Betty has had her hands on people professionally for over 40 years, first as a Chiropractor and upon retiring from that practice, as a certified Surrogate Partner, Sacred Intimate, and Somatic Sex Educator. Her explorations in somatic-based therapy and practices informed her creation of the framework, The Wheel of Consent®. As part of her work with the School of Consent, Betty travels around the world teaching practitioners how to create empowered agreements in their client sessions, in her highly sought-after training “Like A Pro: The Wheel of Consent for Practitioners.” Originally developed as an offering to teach much-needed consent skills to sex workers and touch providers, this training is now attended by somatic therapists, massage therapists, sexuality educators, medical and health care workers, activists, human resources folks and the spectrum of touch-based professional providers – all of whom complete the training with a clear understanding of how consent starts with our own bodies, and then expands outwards into all forms of human relating, with or without touch. Betty and I dive deeper into her Wheel of Consent framework, specifically regarding the observations she has made about men over the years she has done this work. We speak about some practical ways for men to explore particular quadrants of the Wheel of Consent.

Key points:
Betty re-introduces herself
Betty’s observations about men
The Wheel of Consent quadrants
The “Taking” quadrant
Men’s anxiety around taking pleasure
Crossing boundaries vs having integrity
The “Allowing” quadrant
Surrender and submission
Tips for men to learn how to take

Relevant links:
Betty’s website: https://wheelofconsentbook.com/authors/
Betty’s Instagram: @thewheelofconsent
Betty’s Instagram: @drbettymartin


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